Sleeping Aids

finally, last night some success in sleeping. For anyone who knows a pregnant mom or is a pregnant mom with insomnia and pain during sleep, here are the 4 things that worked for me:

1. Young Coconut juice. These cans of juice can be found with no added anything (no added sugar, preservatives, etc) and are high in Potassium and Magnesium. I have been drinking at least a can a day for 1 1/2 days and the charlie horses in my gluteus muscles and calves are vanishing. NO BUTT CRAMPS=BETTER SLEEP. Thanks to Jen P!

2. Calms Forte. by Hyland. A homeopathic remedy for insomnia. These are small tabs that you swallow. 3 tabs 30 min. before sleep. My first dose lasted from 9pm to 1am. I took a second dose and slept from 1:30am until 7:45am. Thanks Jen W!

3. I decided not to be miserly on my electric bill and turn the temp down in our house as I had been burning up from my little inutero heater. Thanks common sense!

4. Sympathy. Thank you Faris.

So I did toss and turn a bit (after all, I AM pregnant and therefore nothing is fool proof about sleeping) but I got better sleep than I have in a LONG time.


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