Worry-the work of pregnancy

This morning is breezy, and cool for Texas. It’s overcast, and I hope we get some rain. My dog and I have already been out for the morning walk and I am up working on a workshop I teach today. Finishing touches. But I am so distracted.
Sufyan’s movement has been very faint and far between for all of yesterday, last night, and this morning. Last night I lay quietly on my side, listening, feeling for any flutter. I didn’t get much. Maybe a little stirring. Good enough, I went to sleep.
Up at 2:30am I drank some juice mixed with water and had some cereal (woke up hungry) and then lay down again to listen for any movement. Nothing at all this time. Is he just sleeping? He always gives at least one kick when I lie on my side. Hmrph.
So this morning I drank some cold coconut juice and ate a purposefully sweeter than usual yogurt and am about to go lie down again and listen and wait. I think I felt a little bump, but it was so faint.
I know all is probably well. I have worried this thoroughly before. But when I went trolling for good photos of inutero 26 week old babies on google (in lieu of ultrasound which we are not expecting to have again) wouldn’t you know one of the FIRST things that came up was an article that began, “When her baby stopped growing at 26 weeks, Marianne….”
Will update when he moves. As he surely will. (8:57am)

Ok, he squirmed and kicked a little bit. (9:45am) I am happy again! This pregnancy thing, this thing of loving him so much, is really cool and really intense.


One thought on “Worry-the work of pregnancy

  1. I too have been through the craziness of not feeling movement for awhile and wondering if everything was fine in there. It’s natural. We just love these little guys so much that if they tumbled all day and night and kept us up–we’d be fine with it! So glad all is well–as we knew it would be.xo

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