27 Weeks!

27 weeks!

Yesterday my husband and I went out for a leisurely breakfast at one of our favorite local coffee houses and shared a fully caffeinated beverage. I felt like an outlaw! Then we did a yoga class and later I met a friend, another pregnant mama with almost the same due date, for a walk around the lake. NEVER have I needed to take a break on this walk, until yesterday….
I immediately came home and celebrated all that activity with a bunch of laziness and belly worship:

Yesterday was the first day that we began to prepare the house for the baby. We put his crib together and moved the accumulating accouterments into what will be his room. Let’s call this picture “BEFORE”:

We are planning on co-sleeping and using this really cool baby hammock from naturebaby.com:
but what I have observed from my friends is that a crib can be a handy thing to have just in case. And this was a hand-me-down. It used to be my little niece’s crib, so it has good memories in it.

And here is the morning light coming through our windows near the rocking chair where I imagine nursing him and calming him:

I can’t wait to meet our little boy! I realized this morning that we have a routine. We always get up around 7:30am (sometimes for the 3rd or 4th time as I am still having trouble sleeping all night). So when I tried to sleep a little longer to prepare for the drive to Dallas ahead of me today and the overnight at my mentor’s house tonight, I felt Sufyan kicking away and ready for us to be up. I love it.

And finally, though my beloved elderly dog doesn’t know what hurricane is about to hit all of our lives and upset the order that she has spent 12 years with me making, she sure does like to take advantage of all the pillows. I got up for 15 seconds, and she moved in:


2 thoughts on “27 Weeks!

  1. Your blog URL made it over my way and I just wanted to stop by and say CONGRATULATIONS and hooray for 27 weeks! I love the pics — what a beautiful belly. 🙂 I think it’s great that you’re going to have the baby at home (and so wonderful that your mom will be there to assist and your OB will be there to observe) — that’s something I wish I could have done. Best wishes for a long, happy, healthy pregnancy and wonderful birth experience.– Cousin I

  2. Hey Doll-Just wanted to tell you I’ll be learning some things to do to prepare the Doggies in out lives for the babies soon to come. I’ll share that with you as the info comes my way via our lovely dog trainer (who’s wife had a baby 1 year ago). You and your house look wonderful…loving those hard wood floors! Hey–you should put a pic of that amazing hubby of yours up too!

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