The long drive home

File under situations normally dealt with using caffeine:

Man. One of the many things pregnancy has changed is my ability to travel light. For one SINGLE overnight to Dallas I packed:
*a full suitcase with extra changes of clothes (in case my temperature, mood, or water retention changed)
*2 kinds of tea (one for my morning usual cup of green tea and one for nausea)
*food stashed everywhere including the suitcase and my purse and the car
*no less than 3 pillows (one body, one head, one belly wedge)
*slippers (because my heels are painful)

Ah, pregnancy.
So when I did get lost just after downtown Dallas, instead of pulling over to consult a map I had to call for help and stop at 2 gas stations. The first one was occupied by a crazy man with a thick accent who kept trying to convince me that I actually didn’t need to go to the toll-way but should take this other street I have never heard of (found out later he was totally full of it). And he kept trying to get me to stay and talk, telling me stories about the people he has helped and given rides to….

And of course I was soooooo tired on the way home. I slept only about 5 hours and then worked all day with my mentor on stuff that really made me think before turning to drive the 4.5 hours home. At least an hour was just getting the hell out of Dallas. Here is a picture of what the world looked like to my tired self on the way home. I swear this is how I remember it, too:


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