And I thought Pregnancy made people say some "stuff"…

“Oh, a home birth? Scary!!!”
“Home birth…are you near a hospital?”
“You mean you’re going to TRY to have it at home (ha ha ha)”
“That’s crazy.”
“But how are you going to clean the baby?”
“You can’t have an epidural, then.”

Should we just stop telling people we plan a home birth? Because this is what people seem to HEAR us say:
“We are having a home birth because we at least want to try it before we go have our real birth at the hospital. Plus we both think risking my life and the baby’s life is worth it to maintain uber cool urban hippy status. Oh, and I love pain so bring it on. After all, this is all about me.”

I don’t believe there is one right way to birth a baby. I don’t think home birth is for everyone. But I made this choice after lots of consideration and I have faith in my body and my baby and my husband and my caregivers, who all stand behind me on this. I am not out to prove anything– I just want to give birth at home. I want my own 4 walls, my bed, my shower, and my food. I want to welcome Sufyan into his home and our lives here–in his home. I want to labor for him, hold him, and then go to my bedroom and lay down and stare at him endlessly with Faris beside me. BUT if that doesn’t happen, if we do have to go to a hospital, then when it comes down to it all I really want is a healthy baby and a survivable birth.


One thought on “And I thought Pregnancy made people say some "stuff"…

  1. There will always be horror stories. I’m so sorry people are reacting that way. You are healthy and I am sure it will go well. You have lots of knowledgeable wonderful people right there with you.

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