Traveling North

Sufyan and I flew to Ohio last Wednesday to visit my parents. We drove north from the airport in Columbus, OH to Ann Arbor, MI for a lovely Thanksgiving with family friends. Traveling with the little bun has been both challenging and very sweet. It’s nice to have him with me, to still be able to keep him safe simply by deciding what to eat, when to sleep, and talking to him. His kicks remind me that we are marching steadily toward this new life together no matter where I am in the world. Though it does feel strange to be so far from home when all I want to do is curl my body around him and pull a blanket over us—to nest.

Sufyan has begun to respond well to sound and even touch. I was in the shower yesterday letting the warm water hit my belly while I sang to him and rubbed where I *think* his back is. And he seemed to bunch up toward my hand.

New things that are developing:
My balance is a little off.
I have a new awareness of my pubic synthesis.(!)
And new appreciation for my yoga practice, which is making it possible to share this
body with a growing baby boy.

Thanksgiving morning I woke to snow on the ground, and a flurry in the air. It was magical!

I was transported back to when I lived in Michigan and I remembered how much I love winter. Until, that is, we went for a walk to digest all the delicious food. Man, was it COLD!!! And as we walked I looked down at the asphalt to keep the wind out of my eyes, which made me notice all these little naked earthworms frozen to the blacktop here and there. As I stepped over them I felt even colder, imagining what a fight I would put up if someone so much as tried to make me TOUCH that cold cement with my bare skin! Brrrrr. So now I know I have to look for a place to live (when next we move) that meets certain criteria. I should place a personal ad for the perfect city…

city for friendship or more. Must have all 4 seasons, love outdoor activities, take a vivid interest in diverse cultures and lifestyles, be near the ocean with a healthy dose of mountainous terrain. Must love kids and dogs.

This image was taken by my dad, and I didn’t know he was taking it. Apparently I am a little sad that I can’t have wine with my Thanksgiving dinner this year….


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