Planes, Trains, and Pregnancy

Wow. I hardly have time to relay the action packed week I just had. I got back from a trip to Ohio and Michigan late last night after being gone 6 days.

Let me start by mentioning a few pointers for flying while pregnant. First of all, if you bought coach class tickets and are offered an upgrade to first class when checking in, TAKE IT. Oh yes, it will seem extravagant. And then you will sit your aching hips in the extra soft seat, stretch your slightly swollen legs out in the extra leg room, and be served a bowl of warmed mixed nuts and hot wash cloth and it will all MAKE PERFECT SENSE.
Second, don’t be shy. If they tell you everyone must sit now and buckle up but your bladder is so full the very thought of a seat belt makes you nauseous, get up and go to the bathroom belly first down that aisle. Of course, you do your part to be quick, but don’t suffer.
And finally, keep moving. Flex and point your feet, roll your ankles, and squeeze your glutes. Keep that blood circulating.

I am phobic about flying. But I did it. And what was amazing was that all it took to get me through those anxious, dreaded moments of take off, landing, and any bump between was to imagine Sufyan laying on my chest with Faris right next to me. I think I was imagining the first hour after he will be born. Also, I told Sufyan that I would keep him safe through the flight and suddenly I reversed my role in the phobia. I was in charge of the safety, not the fear and it worked. I guess it was a mom instinct! No room for my own fear if I feel protective of my little guy.

So my folks picked me up at the airport in Columbus and we headed north to Thanksgiving at their friends’ home in Ann Arbor, MI. Ann Arbor, MI is where I was born. And the day after the big feast, we had some time to drive around Ann Arbor to see some significant places from my family’s past.
First we saw the house my dad grew up in.

And as we drove around his old neighborhood he remembered growing up there. This house had the kid with all the cool army guys, and that one had the kid who rebuilt bikes. And there was the park he built snow tunnels in and one time got stuck half way through.
Then we saw this.

This is the apartment (the one on the right) where I lived from birth to about 4 years old. I remember it vividly, though it seems so SMALL now! That window upstairs that is open is the room my brother was born in.

And finally, this is the Meijer Thrify Acres store where, when I was about 2 (?) I got separated from my parents and was found by someone who took me to customer service. And I told them my name was HEATHER. So they paged “Heather’s parents” over the intercom while MY frantic parents looked for ME–my name is not Heather. I am told it wasn’t funny at the time…but it’s kinda funny now. I guess they had to explain that they were in fact my real parents even though they had the “wrong” name…sheesh, what does Sufyan have in store for me?

Oh, and I got to see my new little cousin Kate! Born 11/11. She just got her hair washed, hence the porcupine look. So cute.


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