Sufyan is growing and my brain is more pregnant than ever

Sufyan is clearly changing size. He is bigger, of course, and this is making his movement feel more like jabs and pushes than like sweeps. I love it! My belly must be growing, but the funny thing is that I am so used to seeing it now that I don’t notice that I am getting any bigger… though Faris swears I am.
I feel really lucky that my body is still faring well as far as pain and discomfort goes. I continue to experience some aching in the pubic arch and sometimes lately I get a bit nauseous, out of breath, and extremely tired…but that all feels par for the course. No major complaints!

So much is changing for me right now. I am entering the last phase of this pregnancy in more ways than I expected. Yesterday was my last official day of work as a yoga teacher until I decide to return after Sufyan is born. I taught one public class and had one private student in the evening. The last 3 public classes have been marked by this hilarious (though frustrating) thing where my pregnant brain just mixes up words and gets a little lost about “right” and “left”. So while I was hoping to go out with a couple of great classes, I went out with a couple of mediocre classes and some funny slips of the tongue!
For example:
When reading a yoga nidra (guided meditation/relaxation) script: I was supposed to say “body parts” and said “POTTY parts”!
During the same script I was supposed to say “coffin beside an open grave” (this is typical of such work in flashing archetypes to the mind) and I said instead, “COFFEE beside an open grave”!

Ha ha ha!
I almost cracked myself up and ruined the mood completely.
And finally, when making opening comments to my class yesterday can you believe I actually led off telling them that the class we were about to embark on would be “difficult”!?! What teacher says that?? I spent the rest of the class saying, “left foot…I mean right!” and so on.
Maybe in other professions this doesn’t matter so much, but for teaching yoga it can lead to some pretty funny stuff.
Ah. But I am done for now. I am the luckiest person though because some of my students brought me baby gifts as parting gifts. It really made my day and made me feel so loved.
What remains for me before Sufyan comes is 2 weeks of intensive yoga training to finish my 500hr cert (begins today), then jury duty for 4 days immediately following (can you believe it?) and then holidays and then *SIGH* finally some down time.


2 thoughts on “Sufyan is growing and my brain is more pregnant than ever

  1. Love this! For the last class I taught before going on maternity leave I made a kickass mix CD…then left it at home, unknown to me, having taken a Beastie Boys CD in its place. So I had my students ready for sun salutations and I hit “play” and up came “HEY LADIES!” Not what I expected. They did sun salutes to “Hey Ladies.” Such good sports.

  2. I was in that class. I have never giggled so hard doing sun salutations. It was a blast! And Personally, I think coffee and coffins go hand-n-hand. Isn’t coffee supposed to wake the the dead?

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