cereal at 4:30 a.m.

I tried to put it off. I woke up hungry, and said to myself, “just sleep a couple of hours more, the hunger will go away”. Which is how I ended up dreaming that I was being served donuts, bananas, and “Granny Smith Apple Milk”. Whatever that is.
All through this pregnancy cereal in the middle of the night has been my favorite treat and a great way to put myself back to sleep.
We hit 30 weeks this past monday. Hooray!!! 7 more weeks before he is full term. And then? Well, then he comes out at some point in the weeks/days/hours that follow.

Changes in me recently:
-It is getting much harder to get up from sitting on the floor. I grunt, I strategize, I get some velocity going and hoist myself.
-I avoid leaning down to get things. If I DO have to lean over and pick something up, I try to pick EVERYTHING I might need up so that I only have to lean down once. Or not at all. That pen I dropped? Plenty more where that came from. It just committed suicide as far as I am concerned.
-I am hungry more often but for less amounts of food. I like to graze.
-I cannot watch a movie without falling asleep. Totally impossible.
-I am a bit more irrational with my grumpiness. This is also to do with my level of exhaustion. This teacher training program I am in is a lot of long days. It is kicking my butt. I am tired.
-My feet and ankles are more swollen, as are my fingers and wrists. I think this is a direct result of the training program as well. We sit for LONG hours on the floor taking notes. And though I practice yoga once a day, I get very little other exercise what with the hour of driving, eating, and needing to nap on our break time. UGH.
-I want an ultrasound!!! Dammit, why can’t I just request one and get it? I just want to see him. It would make my fears that he is too small or too big or that his umbilical cord is looped around him just go away.
-Nausea has returned to some degree. Not often, but a bit.
-Heartburn is a regular occurrence.
-He kicks and bumps and moves my belly like he is getting bigger and stronger and more reactive to sounds and outside stimuli!

One thing that has not changed: I still love being pregnant and am so excited to meet him.
Even though I am grumpy.


3 thoughts on “cereal at 4:30 a.m.

  1. Yay, you’ve reached the 30 week mark! doesn’t it feel like you’ve reached an “i’m very pregnant and so proud/excited about it and want to twirl around if only i had the balance for it” milestone? 🙂 I laughed when I read about the bending over and dropped pens comment. Laith would come home to all kinds of weird things abandoned on the floor (those that annie didn’t eat) in my last several weeks of pregnancy.

  2. I recommend the “finger toes” approach for picking up things. That is use your toes like fingers and then raise foot to hand.I still like that approach and I don’t even have an excuse for not wanting to bend over.But yeah…I was all about finger toes when I was pregnant.

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