Webster Technique, Glucose test, and my baby is HEAD DOWN!!!

Wow! I have been so consumed by my teacher training that any spare moment has been devoted to sleeping or eating. Missing posting to this blog. However, lots has happened.
Exciting news!!! Sufyan is head down. He has turned and is no longer breech.
I took my midwife’s advice and began doing regular inversions, playing him music down near my pubic bone (or as she put it, “Play a radio in your pants!”), and having Faris speak to him down there for the last 2 weeks or so. I also had daily conversations with him encouraging him in this head down direction.
Then, on Thursday, I went to see a chiropractor who is known as “great for pregnancy” and experienced in something called the Webster technique. The Webster technique helps breech babies find the room they need to be able to turn and as it was explained to me, it involves a gentle stretch of the ligaments that might constrict the uterus and an adjustment of the sacrum. Whatever happened to turn Sufyan, Sufyan is now turned and I am really thrilled!
For moms out there who might consider using the Webster technique, my experience is that it is painless, gentle, and afterward my baby was incredibly active. I mean, really moving around! In fact, I saw my OB later that day and his heart rate was in the 150 range (usually he is in the 140s). WOW, he must have been inspired by his new spacious digs. He has been fairly active ever since.
Our OB visit was also great. I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST with flying “normal range” colors. And we are measuring right on target for 30 weeks. It seems Sufyan is a bit of a big boy right now as my doc estimated his weight to be around 3.5lbs. I guess we better get right on that perineal massage…
Which brings me to this point: at no other time in my life would I have considered writing about my perineum publicly. At no other time would I happily publish public photos of my newly rotund thighs, belly, etc. And at no other time would I feel so good about my plans for having 5 people watch me go through what is bound to be the most intimate, life changing, and challenging event I have yet gone through or am ever likely to experience (of course I mean birth). But that is what is so fabulous about pregnancy. It has already changed me, changed what is normal for me, and put me in touch with parts of myself I am discovering in a new way (of course I mean my perineum ha ha ha). I am struck absolutely speechless in the face of this huge endeavor. Everything that comes into my life and things that have always been there have new meaning and require new evaluation skills. New thoughts.
And I have a baby doing a headstand on my bladder right now. That’s new, too!
But I think my friend Liz (who just gave birth to her son) said it really well the other night when she said, “wow. I am somebody’s mother!”
Wow indeed.


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