Quick stats

We had our final visit with the OB/GYN I have been working with today. Tonight we transfer our care officially to our midwife. From here on, I will only be seeing her for my prenatal visits. Its very exciting to be this close to baby day!

So it seems Sufyan is laying on my right side right now and in the next 2 weeks he will likely have picked a side to stay on until his birth.
He is guesstimated to be about 4.5lbs, putting us on track for his birth weight (guessing) 7.5lbs or less. Which was *WHEW* a relief to me!
His heart rate is coming down some just as it should as he gets bigger. Today he was at 130. Previously he has been in the 140s, and once after the Webster technique he was in the 150s.

Because I am having a lot of nausea, my doc recommended we draw some blood for a liver panel. Its not so unusual to have nausea at the 3rd trimester mark, but its not super common either it turns out. And it potentially indicates a liver function issue. But, its not likely and I am not worried. I will have the results on Monday at the latest.

So, all good news!!! Motherhood is just around the corner.


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