Mountains of laundry

Over the past few days, I have continued to get Sufyan’s room ready. It has been a chaos of clothes, blankets, and various diapers and diaper covers. I have no idea how to use the diaper covers. There are too many sizes, kinds of closures, colors, materials…….how the heck do you moms know what to do with all this STUFF?

Hand-me-downs have been a life saver for us. Also, garage sales have come in handy. Check out these super cute hand made overalls! Someone raised a STYLIN‘ baby in these. Is it so wrong that they remind me of the Beastie Boys?

And these were 25 cents. Soft and worn, and embroidered at the knees.

My sister-in-law made this blanket and hat set for us. SOCK MONKEY! Er, Uncle Gabby anyone?

Thanks Amy!


5 thoughts on “Mountains of laundry

  1. Which diapers are you going to use? Just curious. We made a couple trips to the Austin Baby Store, and decided on the prefit one-size made by Bum Genius. They are just so cute!

  2. This is all so funny to me…I was asking myself these same questions, not so long ago…Diapers, like all the other mystery gadgets and hand-me-downs, are something you’ll have to test drive to find out what works. Austin Baby Store gives free diapering classes! We alternate between disposables and cloth with those little rubber pants…many, many moms I know absolutely love fuzzy buns. It’s the kali-yuga, baby! Too many choices!

  3. oh, and p.s. — Andrew thought I was crazy for washing and folding and organizing ALL of the clothes and blankets and diapers and everything else we got BEFORE the baby came…but now we both Thank God I did! You’ll need stuff right away, and you will be so glad it’s ready. The last thing you want to do with a brand new baby around is sort, wash, or fold clothes.It might be helpful to put your socks and hats in one place, your blankets and sheets in another…I organized my tops, pants, suits and onesies by size/month on the label. I also have a ton of newborn stuff to give you, love.

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