36 weeks!!!! and quick stats

Well here we are! 36 weeks into this pregnancy. Yikes.
I went to my OB today for one final final visit (the Strep B test) and as per usual they test my urine for protein, sugar, and lots of other things. Well, today’s test showed a little blood. Despite what it may sound like, this is not a bad sign for one expecting labor in the next few weeks! What this means is only that my cervix has begun to dilate some small amount in preparation for birth (only click that link if you don’t mind the words “mucus” or “plug” being in the same sentence). It is not predictive of any time frame at all. The birth is likely still weeks away but STILL! HOW COOL! This really is going to happen!
Sufyan is measuring 36 weeks, right on the nose. Heart rate between 130 and 140 which is great.
The Strep B test results will be back in a week and they constitute the final hurdle for me in prenatal test land.
Hooray labor is coming! Yay that Sufyan’s birthday is drawing closer!!!!


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