Baby school drop out…

…No graduation day for you.
Baby school dropout,
Missed your birth stages and flunked first poo!

I was too damn exhausted to make it to baby class tonight. It was the class on the 3 stages of labor (which, by the way, my friend Liz called the “3 Stooges of Labor” when we were talking today-cracked me up). Now, even if I hadn’t just read and reread a chapter on each stage of labor in the book “Active Birth” I still would not have gone tonight. I have been overdoing it a little in the last few days.
I spent 9 hours cleaning my house yesterday.
Ok, that sounds ridiculous. BUT the floors had not been mopped since November. NOVEMBER people. But, ah, I took it as a sign that this—-THIS was to be the time I would vacuum the walls (yep) and clean the floor boards (oh yes) and WASH ALL THE COVERS TO THE DOG BEDS.
As I was vigorously scrubbing my windows, my neighbor walked by pushing her tandem stroller and laughed and pointed. I can’t blame her.
And I can’t play it off like this obsession just started yesterday. Here is a confession: The other night when we babysat and Faris took the little guy out for a stroll in the baby Bjorn, I sighed a big tired pregnant sigh, felt how tired my feet and whole body was and promptly GOT DOWN ON MY HANDS AND KNEES TO WIPE AROUND THE BATHROOM BASEBOARDS.
I can’t really come up with a good excuse for that one. I think pregnancy has made me totally insane. Delusions of grandeur: I am the bionic (pregnant) woman.

No new signs of upcoming labor today. Just that I can feel it deeply when the little guy moves his head. Feet and hands are one thing, but his head movements feel like I could reach up there and actually touch him he is so low.

For fun I am posting 2 family photos tonight. The first is my mom. She is in labor with my brother. At home. Home birth runs in my family. My cousin Erica had her first at home and I hear that she is planning a second now! Go Erica! And the other pic is me, fresh from the womb myself (note the gloves that doc or nurse is wearing! They look like something from Homer Simpson’s Nuclear Plant).


6 thoughts on “Baby school drop out…

  1. Great pics! Yeah, actually I came up with the “three stooges of labor” today–making fun of the fact that my husband is a bit behind on his reading and probably thinks that’s what I’m saying when I talk about the “three stages.” I feel I should take credit for my attempts at humor while I’ve still got a sense of it. I think it might suffer just a tad when baby and mama are up all night!I am so excited for you and your home birth! It’s going to be wonderful! xo-Liz

  2. I love your mom’s face in that pic. It’s very tolerant (i.e. I’m taking this picture because you’re forcing me too…oh and did you notice I’m in labor!). Anyway, I have to say that I am obssessively checking your blog now, waiting to hear that you’ve gone into labor. So you know, no pressure πŸ™‚

  3. I love those pics,too. How precious that you have them! The Nesting Instinct is crazymaking. But I was so glad I’d done all the cleaning and unpacking and washing and obsessing before the baby came. Even though I was usually too exhausted to fully clean to my total satisfaction. At 9 months pregnant we bought a new car, too. And we were still unpacking from our move at 7 months pregnant. Just wait till you’re too tired to enjoy your baby shower! Oh, and by the way…the big question is always “How will I know when labor starts?” And the answer is…you may not.

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