sea change

Instead of feeling radiant and ready, today and yesterday I just feel tired. And blah.
My calves are so tight that I feel like I am walking a little funny and midnight charlie horses are pretty usual now.
Just over 2 weeks from now I am due to give birth and I wonder when Sufyan thinks we are due to give birth? We will, of course, go with his estimate but I am looking forward to that day now.
It is a lovely spring day, near 70s in Texas. My dog and I walked our usual route and we are both ready for a nap now. She is the perfect pregnancy buddy because she is 84 in human years and is every bit as happy to nap as I am! And as happy to eat.

I took this photo at the party last night. This is my friend’s little boy, Angus, who is about 11 months. He is toddling around now, and in the midst of the party he found Ed. Clearly Ed is a baby oracle. Here we can see little Angus mystified at Ed’s powers.

And here Angus is off in a hurry to seek his fortune with whatever information the mystical Ed gave him…


One thought on “sea change

  1. YIKES! You just called to say that it feels like things are movin’! I’m so excited and fidgetty… waiting for your mom to call as she gets off work! My insides feel like I just swallowed a snowball! Whooooie!

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