4 days. Sharks and muffins.

I woke up this morning not in labor. But that’s ok, I bet we made some progress. I dreamed last night that Faris and I had to get across a deep, wide, shark infested body of water in order to reach this paradise island we wanted to get to. Clearly I am processing fears of birth. The unknown, the desire to reach the other side, the sharks… Ok, I think the sharks are any/all of my random unknowns: bleeding too much, GBS passing on to my baby, exhaustion leading to transport to the hospital, etc.
In the end, we agreed that the surf boards we were using were not so great and we got on a safe and chartered boat. The sharks at that point became fish bones with the head on. Not so scary. Still weird, though…

This morning I woke up with an overwhelming urge to bake. I just took my second pan of muffins out of the oven. Banana Bran and Multi Berry Bran. Emphasis on the bran, I guess! How funny. I wonder what that means…

I also woke up with heartburn and I remember that through the night I did get some big sensations in my abdomen, a feeling like cramps but without the contractions to go with them. I wonder what that is about? I expected to only feel those crampy feelings if there was also a contraction causing it…I guess the baby’s head or some other movement might be causing it. Whatever it is, I am satisfied that something is happening.


3 thoughts on “4 days. Sharks and muffins.

  1. hi ravyn,i must share i have been checking into your blog each time i am here on the computer working hours on end – i am excited in anticpation of your delievery. wishing you a pleasurable, fun experience when sufyan is ready to enter the world! you go girl…bran muffins, yummy!love,lisa eakes from yoga training palm beach, florida…….going horseback riding today on the beach!!!!

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