It is beginning

quick post.
at 10:40pm I began to go into labor. I don’t know if it will stall out or be the real thing. it feels real. my midwife is on the way to listen to the baby.
how exciting! and wow, this is really intense

This is Ravyn’s mom – she is 3 1/2 cm and completely effaced. Doing really really well. Doing yoga, breathing, Faris is being fantastic. Will keep you all posted

contractions pretty intense, baby’s heart rate great -130’s through the contractions. Ravyn doing so so great, Faris continues to be the best. Everything looking good.

2:15 am Ravyn’s at 7 cm and getting into the large tub as soon as it’s filled. Heather called the second midwife to come. Rav is amazing. Faris is, well, the best

Sufyan Abboushi born at 4:07 am Texas time! Everyone is perfect and healthy. Thank you all so so much. He is just amazing, born crying, eyes open, caught by his dad. Ravyn was totally awesome, Faris totally calm and perfect. Thanks so much to Heather the midwife. The little family is cuddling in bed, falling in love.

Quick update at 12:14 pm – everyone continues to be well and happy. Baby Sufyan is learning to nurse, and has spent a lot of time looking at his mom and dad. So beautiful. A lot of black hair, dark eyes, has had his first poop, and now Ravyn and Sufyan are sleeping as Faris walks the dog for some fresh air. Needless to say, we are all exhaustedly happy, and are grateful for all your posts!


12 thoughts on “It is beginning

  1. Toasting you, Faris, and Sufyan here on the West Coast. To a new addition to the family. May it be a wonderful journey for all three of you.Love,Amy, Dan, and Elise

  2. awoke at 1:30 am during strong south florida storms…feeling the intense energy of the thunder and lightning – in thought of you, ravyn and your baby boy on the way and your sweet husband faris — wishing your midwife, mom and family/friends nearby best wishes! lisa eakes from yoga training…so excited for you!!!!

  3. I KNEW IT!!! I AM SOBBING AND SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! WHAT AN AMAZING BIRTH AND NOW YOU HAVE LITTLE SUFYAN!I am overwhelmed with love and admiration for what you just went through! Way to Go! FINALLY!xoxo-Liz

  4. I find myself in tears of happiness for you! I remember so long ago when you feared that this could never be and now you are so blessed as is Sufyan to have you as a parent! Love you, Kym

  5. Congratulations to the new and amazing family! I am so happy to hear that everything went well for you! Ah…. Sending tons of love!xoxoxogggggg

  6. Congratulations, Mama! Wish we could be there right now, but we will see you soon.P.S. Your brother was so excited that he couldn’t sleep (ok, I was too). So we stayed up all night with you. I hope in some small way it helped 🙂

  7. Congratulations you guys!!! I’m so excited and happy for you.I can’t wait to meet the new little angel! yay!!!! I can’t believe you’re a real mommy snuggling with Sufyan in your ARMS!! It’s so amazing. Love to you all,Hannah

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