happiest V-day ever

I am now a mama! And Faris is a dad. Faris has little Sufyan now as he is napping, giving me a bit of hands free time. Just a quick update because I am so in love with my baby that I can’t just sit here and not talk about it. And the experience of labor and delivery…absolutely awesome in the truest sense of that word.

Nothing could have prepared me for this. There was a ton of great info I absorbed and some I used internally during the labor, but no words can really describe this experience. Not the labor, not the delivery, and not the holding of my baby in my arms. Or seeing him in Faris’ arms.
Breastfeeding is a bumpy ride but not a bad one so far. I am learning and he is learning. His face is changing hour to hour, his little noises are so dear to me. Even his frantic screaming for the breast that is already in his mouth is dear to me.

My midwife Heather Hilton was AMAZING. I am so lucky it was her that helped us do this. She was a solid rock for me and yet managed to be in the background so we could truly have this experience ourselves. Her heart is clearly in this work. She’s wonderful.

I hope to put my birth story up soon. It was a wild ride at 5 1/2 hours long from the first contraction to holding Sufyan, it was action packed.


3 thoughts on “happiest V-day ever

  1. That’s AWESOME Ravyn. I can’t wait to feel this undescribable feeling myself! I can’t wait to hear your full birth story. You’re such a wonderful story teller, I’m sure you’re going to paint a great picture. Thanks for sharing this miraculous journey! I am so grateful to have had you to share mine with.Love,Hannah

  2. Congratulations!! I’m so glad that everything went well and that you’re enjoying that sweet little boy. Hang in there on the BFing — you’ll both figure it out and it’ll soon be effortless. We’re sending your new little family lots of good thoughts from MI. 🙂

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