I only have a moment but I really wanted to tell my friends thank you for all your support and love. Thanks for the food, the concerned phone calls, and the congrats on our baby boy.
I can’t get a moment to email individually, or to call, because we are hard at work figuring out how to become a family who both sleeps and eats while loving our new baby boy. Believe me, without my mother here and the help of friends I don’t think I would be coherent enough to post this. Thank you thank you thank you. I know you guys understand and soon enough we will be back in touch with the world. But not too soon, because it feels so good to focus on this new triad.
Oh, and Fiver is adjusting in her own way…


3 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. Have you thought about changing the blog name to A Bun OUT of the Oven and chronicling his first year once you’ve had time to adjust? This time is just as exciting and you would have a wonderful record of his life during this time! Enjoy this bliss!Soon they walk and talk :)kym

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