blood draw

So last week I mentioned that we had to test for a rare liver disease. Well, we went for the test today. Oh, man, did we dread it. And we thought it would be a heel prick….but it turns out its a blood draw from his arm! ugh.
We were sent to a lab directly for this, not our pediatrician’s office. We were led to a rather dark, small room that was obviously meant to get people in and get ’em out. Small, crowded, and old.
As we waited for Yolanda (who was very very gentle with our baby and very good at finding tiny baby veins. She was awesome, and I am so grateful.) to come do the stick, I took these pics.
This is the pediatrics room:

This is the attempt to make the room more relaxing for babies??? HILARIOUS! This is literally an inch tall purple plastic man STAPLED to the ceiling above the area where a baby’s head rests:

And here is our little champ. He was so brave:


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