Breast feeding in public

Just a quick post to say that the weather was beautiful today so Faris and I took the babe for a little stroll to a nearby bistro where we sat on the patio and shared a pizza and a salad. And Sufyan had the breast! It was really a proud moment because it was my first foray into public breast feeding.

Tomorrow we get our results on Sufyan’s blood work. Fingers crossed.


One thought on “Breast feeding in public

  1. I was talking to my mom the other day, and she was telling me about a cute ‘cover’ she saw for throwing over yourself when breastfeeding. A sudden, and new, cultural difference popped into my head suddenly. The idea of putting a cover over my baby while breast feeding seemed absurd! I have gotten used to seeing women in Germany just pull out what they need to in order to feed. I told my mom, perhaps not diplomatically enough, that I don’t plan on covering up when I breast feed. She took it in, but I could tall that it was a new concept.I hope you get very comfortable feeding in public quickly. It is such a beautiful thing.

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