When it rains, it pours…

Last week Sufyan got sick with a virus. We took him to the doctor, 2 times actually, and spent time calling nurse triage lines in the late evening hoping to get some advice on how to make him better. While he was dealing with multiple yucky symptoms and while our household was doing absolutely all we could to make him well, I saw my doc for a lump in my armpit that had been there for about 6 weeks with no change. She sent me for a mammogram, as she couldn’t tell why or what it was. Talk about STRESS!
The experience at the radiologist was odd.
(Before you read on, let me say up front that although I am making fun of the experience at the radiologist, I am really grateful for the quick results and the efficiency of the place. Glad for the Great OZ!)
The place is set up so that many women at once can come in and get a mammogram, get the films looked at immediately, and get their results right then and there. A tech walks you back and shows you to a booth where you change into a short, waist length cape. Then you walk down a cold hallway, cape billowing while you try not to flash other patients, to a waiting room full of other women. We sit there, casually reading junk mags and watching TV, our chests chilling in the over air conditioned room, self conscious as we try not to feel so naked, all of us in identical little capes. I wanted to ask the room, “Is anyone else nervous?” and “doesn’t it feel strange to sit here shirtless as strangers walk by?”
Then a tech took me back to the room for the test. They decided to just do an ultrasound given that I am breast feeding. Why irradiate the milk? All the films for any given day go back to one (ONE!) doctor for review. And we never see the doc, who just sends the verdict back to all these waiting women via the tech. It was like coming to see the Great OZ!

So the tech takes you to a darkened room and does the U/S. Then leaves you to wait in the dark room while the Great OZ reviews the film.
I took this pic of the room while I nervously waited….

Anyway, the good news is that I am well! It is just a benign cyst. Whew!
And Sufyan got better pretty quickly, and we all breathed a big sigh of relief.

Here he is, nearly 10 weeks old, checking out the cool fold out book of black and white images. Its called “Black and White” by Tana Hoban.


One thought on “When it rains, it pours…

  1. Yay for benign cysts! What a trying time you’ve had, madam. It sure is great for practicing yoga, or steadiness in the midst of chaos. I don’t know why they don’t ultrasound breasts more often, except that it probably takes longer than mammogramming. It’s so much less invasive and, I believe, more accurate and immediate.

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