enough already

It’s a mastitis detector.

Ok, if I actually believed karma to be a credit/debit, good deeds = good karma situation I would say that the karmic debt I have incurred around Sufyan’s birth–well that karmic debt must be big. After all I got the perfect midwife, a birth that went super smoothly and quickly and my baby came out wonderfully charming and perfect (I say this as his mom). Well, that debt must be big because we have had mastitis, weird breast feeding behavior, a super virus, food poisoning, conjunctivitis, Torticollis, and now….MASTITIS. AGAIN. It’s only been 10 weeks, universe!!!
So, for those of you who are reading this and have tried to call me or get in touch, I am in bed with a fever.
Of course, if this IS a karmic debt that one can pay to have the birth and child that we did, then OK.


4 thoughts on “enough already

  1. You guys have been under attack! And it comes on so fast (given that I talked to you yesterday and you were great)! With every step forward (like say you actually get some sleep), the universe knocks you back – Stupid Universe!! I hope these attacks will end in many months of peace… Take care of yourself (and thanks for the post – very impressive given that you have a freakin’ fever!). Hang in there!

  2. I not a big fan of the karmic debt theory. Your spritual mojo is without par. I think the Universe is treating you like a super-heorine (Because, after all, anybody with a giant raven tatooed on the torso, has to be a comic book hero?)So, all super-heroines have to battle against amazing odds only to out victorious in the end….makes sense to me anyway.If there is a medical problem here it is could be due to either lack of sweet potatoe pie…or more likely lack of protien.:>)

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