first mom’s day

(photo by my friend Jenna, who is a pro photog–obviously)

I write this quickly as my little one sleeps. I want to catch sleep with him.
This was my first mother’s day. It was lovely! A morning walk to coffee with Cristina, brunch with Hannah and her sweet little baby Emalina Moon, then evening with Jenna and her sweet baby Lucas. Daddy is in China right now, but he sent his love via iChat this morning and he also sent me a pajama gram from China…we miss him tons.
This week has been an incredible one in Sufyan’s life.
3 months did not turn out to be the sleep turning point that I had hoped, but it was a turning point for so many other things.
He rolled over.
He brings things to his mouth.
He reaches for things in front of him.
He learned to squirm to convey his dissatisfaction with the current entertainment and to get out of his bouncy chair.
He LAUGHED!!!!!!! yes, he laughed. o my gosh. I am so in LOVE with him. Do you want to know what makes him laugh? Its too cute. He laughs when I sing “Be my Baby” to him. You know the 60s girl band song that starts something like, “The night we met I knew I needed you so. And if I had the chance I’d never let you go.” HE LOVES IT!!!
He is also going through a growth spurt complete with spit up and fussiness and constant eating. I am so happy for him, though. What a huge amount of growing he is doing! And what a huge amount of laundry I am doing! I changed my spit up covered shirt 3 times before we left the house for brunch!

My best friend Cris came and stayed with us this week to help out while Faris was in China. I am so lucky to have her in my life. It was an unbelievable help. I think I would have been a total wreck without her, and certainly I would not have attempted to eat anything other than protein bars or the occasional cup of tea. Nothing green, that’s for sure. But with her here, we strayed from the “New Mommy Diet of Brown” that is my usual lately, and I feel great. Cris, if you still read this, you are a lifesaver. You are so selfless and generous to come down here and be my baby mama for a week. Sufyan loves you, and I am so glad you two have a relationship. You are wonderful and I hope one day I can be as helpful and supportive for you.

Happy mom’s day to all my new and not so new mom friends. I am in awe of us all.


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