3 months…wow

(photo by Jenna Vincent)
so we are almost 3.5 months now. time is flying. my son is asleep nearby and i am stealing this moment to post. i love this blog, and am going to try to breath life back in to it if i can.
3 months turned out to be such a huge turning point for Sufyan. Suddenly he is interacting with his world.
little things i notice are huge milestones for his emerging mind. as we walk in the morning he faces outward in a sling that rests him on my upper abdomen and chest. a few days ago, a dog barked and he turned toward it to look! yes, emerging awareness of the world and his power to investigate it.

He also has met his first true love: our ceiling fan. he flirts with it. he coos at it. he stares at it. And if he is nursing and the fan is turned on, he cannot pay attention to both loves at once! So he will latch, then immediately unlatch and grin at the fan. then latch, and unlatch to coo at the fan. he doesn’t get so much as one gulp of milk down during these courting sessions with the fan.
and i hope i never forget what it’s like to look down at the nursing baby Sufyan and have him unlatch to look up at me and grin his big, wide gummy grin at me just because he likes me. it melts my heart. i like him, too.
meanwhile, we are on our 8th day of diarrhea diapers. can’t quite figure out what is causing this nastiness, but i suspect it’s my karma again. or maybe a virus, or my diet…so I am off of dairy and soy for the next 2 weeks as per the pediatrician’s orders. I am also limiting my green tea and chocolate intake. darn it all! no joy in mudville.
Sufyan is also squeeling with delight now! And giggling (see the video below). And making a host of other gurgly, cooing, murmuring noises that I find completely absorbing and wonderful.
He is also reaching an arm forward into space and holding it there with a clenched fist as if he is trying to will the hand to open and do his bidding. We call that move “Power to the People”.

But it turns out that what that skill is actually being honed for is exploration during breast feeding. It starts innocently enough, but can lead to nipple twisting and that…well, that’s why breast feeding is complicated!
Doesn’t he look innocent? Here he is with his wayward hand…

And speaking of wayward, a few weeks ago he rolled over. And now he is using that super power for evil! When I try to cuddle him to my chest, a position he used to be completely comforted by, he now decides he is bored and just rolls off to the side!

One day last week my friend Jenna (mom to 6 month old Lucas) had the brilliant idea that we could help each other get things done around the house by taking turns watching the babies at each other’s houses. It was great! She watched the boys while I cleaned and made a pot of soup, and then we went to her house and she cleaned while I watched the boys. Here she is with a baby on the front AND on the back! (notice Sufyan giving us the “i’m bored” look)

We both felt so much better after we had helped each other get a little baby-free time. It’s amazing what just sweeping your floor can do for your mental health.


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