notes from the 3rd month

month 3+ is almost over.
hands and mouth. this month has been all about hands and mouth.

when we take walks, I put your palms up to feel new textures: tree bark (your eyes got so wide), grape leaves (you yanked your hand back the first time, but the second time you just stared), and grass.

you have also got a new relationship with baba. you smile when he comes into view, and you clearly recognize him as baba when he comes home. you hear his voice and you get all dimples and gummy smiles.

you love to stick out your tongue! i think it means you are happy. the happier you get, the more your tongue sticks out of your smiling mouth. its so cute i can hardly stand it, and it seems to be your own special mark on happiness. i asked a couple of my mom friends and their 3+ month olds didn’t do this nearly as much as you.

you have begun squeeling with joy! usually this is accompanied by some hiccuppy sounding baby laughter, which baba and i work REALLY hard to get, making complete fools of ourselves gladly just to hear evidence of your pure delight at life.

you roll over from front to back, and now you also roll from your back to one side.

you are bearing some weight on your legs.

you love to put any cloth with a gauzy texture in your mouth. your favorite toy right now is a thin, rough textured burp cloth. so we save those ones just for you to chew on. your chubby little fists get covered in drool as you shove the edges of this cloth into your mouth. you also do this to your swaddle blanket that i picked out specifically for it’s lightweight gauziness in the texas summer heat. you seem to think i picked it out for it’s perfectly balanced palate of gauze, texture, and ability to absorb drool.

speaking of swaddle blankets, you used to sleep best when swaddled from the very beginning of your night time sleep. but now you like to sprawl out, arms and legs wide. so we let you sleep that way, EXCEPT at your 4:am wake up. This, you have decided, is baby party hour. At 4, you are suddenly wide awake. I hear you wake up with a little cough, some grunts and then your legs start to kick. When I turn to look at you i see your eyes are WIDE open and sparkling. you give me the biggest smile when you see me and you start to pump your legs and arms like “Let’s GO!”. Oh, sweet little guy, i wish i had your ability to nap all day long and then i would play with you at 4:am. But alas, I usually have to nurse you, then swaddle you, then nurse you again to get you back to sleep until 5:30 or 6 (a wake up time we REALLY need to talk about). So I guiltily wrap the swaddle blanket around you as you grin up at me. And then there you are, in your baby straight jacket, smiling up at me like a little crazy person and it doesn’t matter how tired I am, I cannot resist smiling back. I know it would be so cool to get up and play…but I need sleep to remain sane.

did i mention the drool? you drool. i think your first teeth are not too far off now.

playtime often involves us talking back and forth. You love it when I sing to you. Your first laugh was at me singing to you on Mother’s day! For that, you get one “get out of jail free” card to be redeemed when you hit your teens. Seriously, that was a great first mother’s day.

i have to mention your toes. You have found them, too. You reach up and grab them, pulling your knees to your chest, and rolling around. Take THAT, Gerber baby! You’ve got nothing on Sufyan.

You don’t cry much. You do cry, but not often and never for very long. Baba and I feel super lucky on that score. So far, anyway. But when you do cry, you turn red and frown and open your mouth wide like a moon. A dimple appears on your left cheek, and you refuse to make eye contact as if to let us know how totally disappointed you are in us. Your cry is kind of low and long, and, rarely, you do go past the point of no return where you begin to cry for crying’s sake. Its like the crying makes you cry. At those times, baba and I are practically standing on our heads to get you to calm down. Is it the diaper? your clothes? hunger? gas? poop? congestion? temperature? loneliness? boredom? WHAT IS IT???

Yep, month 3+ has been fantastic for growth and development. I can’t wait to see what month 4 brings…yes I can wait. sometimes it feels like this is happening too fast because I love every stage and every new development. Do you really have to grow up and get stinky feet and facial hair? But I think I will love that, too.
now if only i could teach you how to sleep 8 hours in a row…


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