sharing cool baby stuff (This is for my new moms/moms to be!)

From my friends I have gotten great ideas for what books to read, products to try, etc. Here are some cool things I have discovered and want to share:

File this one under “things we could not live without” when we first had a baby:
The Itzbeen.

Great for keeping track of how long between feedings, diapers, sleep, etc. Also works as a flashlight and a timer. It clips to a belt (or to curtains, or blankets, etc…). So useful if your baby is jaundiced and you have to wake them to feed every 1.5 hours. Believe me, you are too sleep deprived to do it without help. At first I filed this under geeky gadgets sold to overeager parents…that was before I was a parent. Trust me, this is awesome.

Again, something we could not live without at first
Milk Maid Tea: this worked like a charm and was so soothing after Sufyan was born.

I needed to increase my milk supply and this did it. In fact, I had to stop using it when we started to actually have too much milk…It’s organic, too. Tastes like chamomile.

reclaimed wood teething rattles!

Made from wood that had a prior life as some other object or that has fallen to the ground naturally. Finished in bees wax. Soft edges, nice size for little hands and mouths, and made by one very cool farm in Oregon: Earnest Efforts. You can get them online or at Kula Yoga here in Austin.

Cool travel or home use high chair alternative! (much cheaper than a high chair and less space taken)

The Tot Seat is a great alternative to a clunky or expensive high chair. We plan to use ours with the Kaboost to turn one of our own chairs into Sufyan’s chair.

Current fave toy (great for little grabby hands and it bounces, makes a cool hollow wood noise) by Manhattan Toy: The Skwish Classic

The BOB Revolution 12″ stroller (as opposed to the 16″, this is more maneuverable in tight spaces like shopping and fits in my trunk easily). This thing is amazing. It turns on a dime, it is totally smooth, sturdy, has a huge sun visor, great storage, and goes on rough terrain super easily. Plus it has an infant car seat adapter that Sufyan is still using. We LOVE this stroller:

And finally, FUZZI BUNZ. These diapers keep Sufyan dry, and they are easy to use, not much leaking (some if we don’t fit them right) and come in cute colors. They easily pay for themselves if you do the math on disposables vs diaper service vs Fuzzi Bunz.


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