weekend in the hill country

This weekend we packed our bags and took off for our first family vacation.

The jet set 4 month old’s luggage was packed with necessities…

We spent Saturday and today at a resort in the arid hills of Texas called “The Crossings”. This resort is designed to be mindful of natural resources, focused on healthy living, and welcoming to people of all walks of life. Most notably they have focused on all religions being welcome. Our room was very nicely appointed and on the top floor.

It had a great balcony from which to see the whole valley and rolling hills of scrubby forest below. The skies out there were huge.

Sunset and moon…

Sufyan had his first real pool swim! We chose this particular place for his first swim because they have a beautiful non-chlorinated pool.

Touching the water… This was at 7:30am and the water was actually kind of warm.

Showing off his new standing skill and starting to enjoy the water!

With Mama…

By 8:am the sun had come out and was threatening his tender baby skin so we dressed him in his swim gear…

I took a yoga class while there. My first since Sufyan’s birth. It was like rain in the desert. The birth is still present everywhere in my body. My joints and bones felt as though they are in slightly different alignment. My muscles feel asymmetrically tense and also soft in ways that are new to me. When I put my hands on my abdomen as I breathed, I felt again the fullness of my pregnant belly with each inhale. And with each exhale I felt not emptiness, but the delivery of that fullness and the presence of Sufyan. At the same time I felt like I was moving through infinite space because no one was sitting on my hip, no baby in my arms, no little chin on my shoulder. When the class was over, there were Faris and Sufyan waiting for me beside the pool (which was just outside the windows of the yoga room). They had been there for a while and could see me practicing, which made me smile.

It was a beautiful night, and we really enjoyed the time as a new family. I hope to have time to post a funny story about a woman we met there, and about the family we met who had a 5 month old who looked REMARKABLY similar to Sufyan!
In the meantime, happy father’s day to Faris. He is the most gentle, fun, generous, and loving father and husband we could ask for.


3 thoughts on “weekend in the hill country

  1. Hey sweets, Cute pictures! He looks so proud and happy to be standing up. Despite the fact I know you got no sleep, it looks like a good getaway! Glad you were able to have a couple of days change of scene!xog

  2. Hi!!Those pictures are so wonderful, and you look really, really great! I hope you were as rested and peaceful as you looked… (ha!!). That picture of Faris and Sufyan made me cry – really beautiful.See you soon! :)Tia

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