more funny

Again, I have to post something funny that made me laugh out loud. It’s good for the soul.
This email was sent to me (by a friend) with the subject line:

“Why I had to abandon my attempt at computer dating”

Ok, this is not spiritual. But, for some reason I collected quotes from instead of dating people, I found it more satisfying somehow. So,have a laugh on me everybody! (These are not edited, they are direct quotes from male profiles) –

“I am looking for someone to walk beside me, not in front or in back.”

“I’ll try anything once, twice, even three times, especially if it’s fun or naughty! I’m a family person.”

“I’ve been told I’m a good listener but lately no one has been there to practice with.”

“If you’re looking for an insensitive, egotistical jerk you’re going to have to keep looking.”

“My new friend is my crock pot.”

“I have recently started hosting karaoke shows. It’s not a new thing, but I love it.”

“Let’s face it looks matter and although I think runway models are grossly underweight I’m not looking for a full figured girl either.” ( “girl” – love it!)

“I love animals (sometimes more than people).”

“I read the Bible every morning, fishing magazines and Match profiles.”


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