nothing like the sun.

I have to let the sun in here a little more.
This weekend we went to the park for just 15 minutes or so. In that 15 minutes, I spent almost half the time protesting that in fact Sufyan should be napping (it was his usual nap time that, when skipped, often leads to “punchy baby syndrome” which always leads to “crying to avoid sleep syndrome”) and Faris insisted that we should do something new even for just 15 minutes and even if it threw off nap time.
Well, we were both right. Sufyan LOVED to play in the pebbles and was intrigued by the infant swings. But he cried all the way home to his nap.
I think it was, in fact, worth it. Score one for Faris.
Here is Sufyan playing in the pebbles. He was totally ABSORBED in this!

little scientist

For the 6 months, all his life, I have been mostly carrying him on walks (using the Ergo). Lately, with the over 100 degree weather and Sufyan waking for his walk with me later than usual, we have needed to use the stroller. To date, I have kept him in his infant car seat in the stroller, facing me, interacting with me, looking at ME. Ahem. He wants to look at other things. (what?) So, yesterday, we did away with the car seat and put him forward facing in the big boy seat of his BOB stroller. I would say it was a resounding success. Doesn’t he look happy????

Mom, of course, had to walk in front or beside him because I still only want to look at him.

And finally, or for my final concession that Sufyan is indeed growing up, he had his first official meal of something besides breast milk. Yes, afer much reaching for food (I said he only wanted the spoon we were using!), and much tasting of Mommy’s water or apple or grapes (I thought that would hold him off for months!), Sufyan started to mimic chewing (hmmm…) and we gave in. We gave him organic sweet potato mixed with milk to a very thin consistency. And he LOVED it!


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