babies obviously don’t come with manuals. people jokingly say this to new moms, along with things like, “getting any sleep?” and “just wait until the terrible twos!”. well, the first year seems to be a whirlwind of guesses and second guesses. i am torn because i want to write about the difficulty we are having, but i honestly am so full of love for Sufyan right now that i have to write about that first. unbelievably, he is asleep right now and has been for nearly 2 hours. why am I not trying to sleep? long story, but basically i was unprepared and accustomed to 45 minute naps. more on this when i post about the difficulty. first, love.

“wind in my face, baba!”

he sits up now. he is pretty stable, bending over at the waist to pick up a toy and sitting right back up with it. he has discovered his volume control—he squeals and screeches like a baby dinosaur. he especially does this as he climbs over my body when he wakes up.

my hips and my waist are little baby perches, places to peer over and make a plan to climb over- challenges to his new found strength and playfulness. when he wakes in the morning or from any long nap, i sing him the same little song that i made up for him a few months ago, and he smiles and usually puts both palms and both feet on my face as i sing.
he is rolling over now, in all directions. he can army crawl and move his body in a circle while on his belly. he also pulls to stand on things now, though he still needs some balance support from us. oh, and i can now hand him a toy in his car seat and he will likely still have it by the time we get where we are going. this means we are done with hanging toys, bopping toys, and overhead dangling toys. they are so 3 months ago.

i can’t explain the love and pride i feel for him. it chokes me up! he is beautiful to me, 6.5 months old! i have a lot of empathy and understanding for his cries of discomfort (teething, gas, boredom) and finally the ability to soothe him, too. the other day he rolled over too quickly and bumped his head while he was with my friend Jennifer in the living room. he would not be soothed by her, he was too tired and had surprised himself. i rushed in and scooped him up and he quieted right away, like, “ahhh, mommy. finally.”

he has discovered (with his baba’s help) the windows in his room. he stands at them and slaps his small palms on the window over and over, but not hard. kind of gently like he is wondering what he is touching.
he is walking super well now. we can hold his hands and let him walk around, rather than holding his rib cage. this means he is stronger and sturdier. i am struck by how fast this is all happening. i wish i could keep pieces of this experience with him and take them out later to feel these moments forever. why does it all go so quickly?
i am so thankful i can be with him so much. very very thankful.

And Faris recently had a birthday! Sufyan and I baked him this cake…

it’s carrot cake layered with cheesecake layered with carrot cake layered with cheesecake…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We love you!


One thought on “love

  1. He looks so aware and grown up! It’s amazing how quickly they change. It seems like no matter how well you document it, it’s never feels like quite enough.And oh my god, send me that cheesecake recipe or tell me where I can get it. That looks wonderful!

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