hurricane who?

The coasts of TX are being pummeled. It’s scary and awesome how mother earth takes humanity in hand, warns us she is about to send us a hurricane, and then 20ft walls of water are crashing over houses. Here in the capital, we have slightly overcast skies and a little wind. Ike is sparing us even the assurance of a nice fall rain. Hmpf.

Yesterday Lucas came over for a play date with Sufyan. I think they are finally at the ages where taking care of them together is something that is not so scary to me as it once was. You know, Sufyan is younger than Lucas by 3.5 months, so he used to need either constant interaction or to be picked up off his back while Lucas was already crawling like he wrote the book on baby mobility. It was hard to keep both boys happy and safe. But now, Sufyan sits up and grabs toys or rolls to his belly and army crawls while Lucas crawls (only much much faster) or plays with him. It was so much fun!
I love having another mama across the street to share baby war stories and spell each other when we need a break. It is such a blessing!!! We need to take advantage of it more. Plus Lucas knows me, and Sufyan and Lucas are so comfortable together. Here are our boys yesterday:

Lucas deliberates on which toy…

funny mirror

Cute, huh? We just redid Sufyan’s room to include a bed on the floor in which he is now napping alone. It doubles as a great little play area for babies to crawl and tumble on (Sufyan is still tumbling more than crawling).


2 thoughts on “hurricane who?

  1. You are so blessed to have someone near to you that you can spend time with and that Sufyan can interact with! It is adorable to see them together! Let’s get our butts in gear and make it happen!

  2. Yay! These photos are fun! Thanks so much for watching Lucas Friday. I needed a break SOOO badly and I’m really appreciative that you are willing to do double duty with the 2 boys and that we can be eachother’s supports systems! You rock!

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