if it’s been awhile

If it’s been awhile since you have seen a beautiful, hours old tiny baby…well my friend Tammy had her baby Sunday and here is a little video of Clair Satya. It took me back 7 months, when all Sufyan’s movements were as if he was trying to figure out what “air” was, what “toes” were, what “light” was. Very slow movements, like a little plant unfurling tender new growth. How beautiful life is. How amazing. How sweet this time is.

Tammy is doing great, and Clair is perfect. She was delivered in the frank breech position,

and I am told her first action on this earth was to sneeze. I remember Sufyan sneezed, too.
Yes, I know most of you don’t know Tammy. But once you have given birth, you have something powerful in common with her. Welcome Tammy to the mom club, and welcome Clair to this life!


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