when dinner is a glass of red wine and breakfast is a couple spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream downed with highly caffeinated tea, things are rough.

when sleep starts and stops abruptly in 30 minute cycles to the sound of a wailing baby soothed only by nursing, things are rough.

when your dog of over 12 years (12 loving years of great companionship and travels) contracts a disease that no one can for certain say what it is except that it looks like one that is zoonotic and she won’t eat, can’t stand or pee or drink on her own, and refuses food for over a week now, well that sucks. Things are rough.

When you call the CDC yourself about this zoonotic possibility and find that they are as unhelpful as any phone bank staffed by under paid and under trained customer no-service employees, well that is just lame. If I wanted to be read verbatim what your web page said, I would have read it aloud to myself and saved the 20 minute wait in phone cue.

I guess I imagined the CDC saying, “Oh, Leptospirosis? Well, why didn’t you say so? Please hold for the world expert on that particular disease and she will be able to guide you. And tell you exactly what to do and how much risk you are at and anything else you wanted to know.”


3 thoughts on “sheesh

  1. How, how, HOW are you functioning…especially enough to write posts?? I don’t know of anything more inspiring to me than a sleep-deprived new mother that can keep up and in touch with the world the way that you do. I’ve been missing a few hours of sleep here and there, and I think that my death is around every corner because I feel like ass. But you just keep trucking. You’re my here, too!! You really ate ice cream for breakfast and had wine for dinner? You sound like the world’s top CEO women! 🙂 (sign me up!)

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