Taking Messy to a New Level for Uncle Erik

Today our friend Erik came to visit. He just moved to Austin, and Sufyan has discovered that he LOVES his Uncle Erik. Erik walked him, Erik played with him, Erik sat on the floor and admired his pots and pans…

Here they are talking about pots and pans. Pots and pans are so cool.

and delicious!

In return for Erik’s efforts, Sufyan hugged him goodnight. Have you ever seen a baby hug? It’s so cute it should be illegal. It’s so cute you need a few minutes to just glow about it afterward. Sufyan does it by putting his head quietly on your shoulder and kind of melting into your arms while becoming very still and very limp.

Faris and I both regard the baby hug as the penultimate gesture of love and its a relatively new and somewhat rare phenomenon. So, imagine how our jaws dropped when Erik got one, too! It was fantastic. Sufyan is such a little love.

At dinner, Sufyan literally smeared the zucchini, beans, and bananas he was eating all over his head, into his eyes, and up his nose. Um, does that mean he likes it?
Still decoding his food preferences here.
See for yourself…yes, that’s all food in his hair and eyebrows.

In his bath tonight, he accidentally plopped his face into the water for a split second and when he lifted it again, there was a little cloud of food bits swirling like a snow globe in the tub.

And, here’s the little man in his PJs this morning!

I’m Kicking my feet, mama! That means play with me!

The little elastic boy.


3 thoughts on “Taking Messy to a New Level for Uncle Erik

  1. Yes, that definitely means he likes it. No mess at all = best ever, I sucked it down. Hair and face = good stuff, and fun. Floor = bad, don’t EVER give that to me again.

  2. The pics are great. I love that we have pics of Elise in the same spot, with a similar chair, smearing food all over herself as well! Ah, the nostalgia…

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