8 months!

(photos: Jenna Vincent)

Dear Sufyan-

you turned 8 months on monday. and are you ever making it pay, my love!

you have learned to walk now holding only 1 of my hands. your other hand you hold up above your head, and it waves as you walk along.

you look like a baby chimpanzee when you walk like this, a really cute baby chimpanzee, and we get lots of comments from curious bystanders who have never seen anything as unlikely as a baby walking around.

you are babbling. or, as they say in who-knows-where (wikipedia), “twaddling“. or, as your baba says, “blabbering”. we LOVE it. we both want to hear more of your voice, it’s really a thrill after all this time talking to you, to hear something from you. though you remain largely introspective and observant, you are now saying “ma ma ma”, “ba ba ba”, and “unghblmbwama”.

you love to blow raspberries now. i am proud to say that i taught you that one!

(photos: Jenna Vincent)

it’s obviously not all about the sound for you, as there is quite a bit of drooly tongue sticking out and plenty of scrunched up funny face along with it. and it all came in handy the other day when that grumpy nurse was giving me the stink eye and a lecture about our vaccination plans and she had to speak over your little raspberry blowing mouth! that was excellent!

the funniest thing to you now?

(photos: Jenna Vincent)

antici………pation. the sudden drawing in of breath followed by………”achoooo!” mommy runs away and hides and baba walks you to almost where she is hiding and ……..”booo!” anticipation totally cracks you up! Not to mention you are super ticklish under your arms and on your thighs. You’re too easy!

the little scientist in you loves to play with the hose when baba waters the plants. And though you always get a shocked/perplexed look on your face when cold water rains down on you,

you always come back for more.

You also love to play with pots, pans, apples, avocados, just about anything that is not a baby toy.

you wave! you wave hellos and bye-byes and night-nights.

our special game right now is that when you are right in front of me, like when I am changing your clothes, i pretend that i can’t see you. I say, “where’s Sufyan? where’s SufYAN? where IS he???” as I look around and around and then…..”there you are!” you LOVE that!

you’re getting the hang of solid foods.

we’re not in a rush, and you seem to especially enjoy eating when the food is impromptu. For example, today you and I went to lunch at a little coffee shop called “Pacha”. I ordered a salad and a smoothie that was full of good fruits you could eat. And we sat, you on my lap, and shared everything! You especially loved the garbanzo beans from my salad and the cold berry smoothie. But even if you don’t like the food, you LOVE the straws. When baba and I take you out to eat with us, we are now trained to grab at least 3 straws (some straw casualties are expected) and an extra glass of water for you to slurp.

It’s been raining these last 2 days. there have been naked baby sightings on our street because you like to get out there and splash your feet on the cement and examine the wet bits of tree bark. Thank goodness its still warm in Texas because you LOVE to be naked and that goes well with being outside in the rain. yesterday you put both feet in a little river of rain water and just stood there looking at your toes. you are a thinker, then a doer, and most of all you are completely committed to whatever you choose to do when you’ve decided. Example: “yes. i AM going to run even though i cannot yet walk.”

and here we go with the bumps and bruises. you have your first shiner.

ugh. but as you can see it only makes you cuter. i think a baby as ambitious as you is likely to see his fair share of Arnica tabs and cold packs. but where is the medicine for parental heart attacks every time you bonk your noggin? and the guilt when you do it on my watch! today you stood at the window, looking out and banging the glass with your open palm as you often do (looking for squirrels or kitties!), and suddenly you turned and tried to take a step and fell backwards, banging the base of your skull hard enough on the window sill to throw you forward onto your face. it looked like a stunt from a Jet Li movie! LUCKILY: a) you were standing on your bed, so you simply bounced when you landed b) we had put foam padding on the window sill for just such an occasion. so, it was a dull bonk rather than a sharp whack. BUT the shock nearly killed me.

Sleep. I am not going to divulge the sleep work we are doing just yet, because it is so new and it’s just barely working. I don’t want to jinx it. But sometimes, when you won’t nap, I hold you and we walk around and listen to music. Eventually, sweetly, you fall asleep on my shoulder.

It is so sweet. You are so sweet.


3 thoughts on “8 months!

  1. ohhh, what a sweet sweet Sufyan he is! The sleeping photos are so cute I love the eating pic (hilarious!) and the studious expressions you captured when playing with the hose! I’ve loved seeing him grow and become more and more his wonderful self!

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