Yesterday I voted.

Yesterday Sufyan did this supercutefun thing with Baba! He is in to making things happen right now. And has a longtime love affair with the light. Baba can lift him to the light cord, and Sufyan loves to pull the cord and turn the light on.

But afterward, he hugs Baba! Like he is so thrilled that he is saying “Thank you, Baba! I love you!”

Yesterday we played outside and I snapped these photos of my quickly growing little man. He is sucking on his lower lip a lot. Teething maybe?

Yesterday I got this pic of my neighbor’s awesome Halloween yard.

They did the best job I have seen in some time.

AND…Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about vaccines and the obligation or non-obligation of a mom to vaccinate for the good of the herd. I have to say, this is a tough question for me.

As a part of the fabric of the community, I want not to contribute to the possible rise and return of diseases that are barely hanging on out there. Diseases that my generation doesn’t have to see because vaccines are so successful. Polio, for example. Mumps. Rubella. How many of you new moms even know (off the top of your head) what Rubella is? What does Mumps do? Do you know anyone with Polio? No? Thank you, vaccines. So on the one hand, I feel that there is an obligation to vaccinate for the good of all and so that these diseases don’t trend back upward.
But, what about the social obligation of the drug companies making these vaccines? What about their obligation to offer me a vaccine that WILL NOT hurt my baby? That DOES NOT contain unstudied amounts of aluminum. That WILL NOT contribute to an unknown underlying tendency toward Autism. I hear and believe that this incredible upswing of Autism diagnosis is in some part due to an increase in diagnosis itself rather than an actual increase in Autism. Still, can you tell me, drug companies, that your drugs had NOTHING to do with it and that the resultant immune system inflammation from a series of baby vaccines is NOT a contributing factor to triggering a latent Autism tendency in my baby that I don’t even know is there yet? A trigger that might otherwise not have been tripped?
What is your social obligation, drug company? Insurance providers? Vaccine study fund-ers?
Why do I have to decide between the health of us all and the possible serious damage to the baby I love and protect every single moment of every single day?

And a few days ago, we met Baba for lunch at a park. Sufyan, Mr. Social, met a couple of big kids who befriended him and he studied their technique in pebble sorting.

Then I attempted to catch his new “scrunchy face” on film. Here it is. It’s pretty darn funny. He does it A LOT right now.

I think parks are the most fun for him right now, of all the things we do. He LOVES to be outdoors and loves to be outside the boring house we always play in. Um, I may be projecting. Just a bit.

As you can see, he was thrilled!


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