9 thoughts on “YES WE CAN!

  1. Yes, we can, what? Pop more pills or lie in bed at night shaking because Comrade Obama takes the $800 a month out of my check that I used to use hire private Yoga instructors to provide me with a "safe place" and a break for my nervious system?! All for what? By the time the government gets done wasting my $800 a month, he'll deliver $80 worth of service who didn't earn it.Even if somehow he doesn't take 50%of my check, the threat of him declaring war on the capitalist class in America is turbo-charging the already vertical drop in economic conditions. Free healthcare doesn't help anybody if they don't have a job. more….Since the election of Barack Obama, the S&P 500 has dropped 14%. The stock of the company I work for has dropped twice that much (28%.)Bad karma for me and my company, you say? How? Goldman Sachs help put 10,000 women in third world countries through business school. To be exact, my company has created 10,000 more women entrepreneurs than any liberal government ever could…and our reward for that is to have Obama and friends push us off the edge of earth.….The last straw was when my wife went to the ER the other day with skyrocketing blood pressure and axiety. Over the last two weeks, if I had a dollar for every time my poor handicapped wife asked me "Is Obama Going to Take All our Money?" I could have paid for the ER visit.To quote an ancient text:Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are as ferocious and wolves.

  2. WOW, sour grapes? It saddens me that the right wing is already so pessimistic and President-Elect Obama has yet to make a single policy decision! While I have MUCH to say about everything written by noble2507, I will restrain myself and simply point out that widespread health care helps everyone, including the millions who have already lost their jobs under the current administration in which the historic stock market drops have been occurring for several months.

  3. Noble2507,Since I am not interested in turning this into a war of political ideology (having neither the time nor the interest nor the political savvy), plus my commitment is for us to be able to disagree without violence (verbal or otherwise), I want to say this: you hired private yoga instructors who genuinely care about you. Use what you learned. Use the practice. Use the tools you have, or I would ask you, “All for what?”xoxo

  4. Friends, there is a difference between ideology and economics. Markets react based on what is expected. There is a link between the most recent leg of the meltdown and what the market expects Obama and the government to do come January. It doesn’t matter if you like or not it, it’s there. I truly hope that the market is wrong about what it currently seems to expect.Honestly, I’ve been shouted down by so many Obama-people that I had to organize my thoughts in writing. I went to this site for a break to see if Sufyan had dressed up as Superman for Halloween. The picture on the front of the site was obviously not a pleasant surprise. That said, I thank for allowing me the forum to express myself. speaking of expressing myself, I feel the need to continue…. One of my co-workers was one of 3000 people laid off from Goldman on Nov 5. The irony of the date sticks in my head. If the election result was more market friendly – with one party controlling Congress, the other the White House – those people may have survived. 70,000 jobs were lost in the global financial “district” before Nov. 5 and those jobs obviously have nothing to do with the next administration. This is a fact. However the co-worker I spoke of earlier did the same thing as me in London. Goldman elected to keep and me and send him packing as the 70,001 person out on the street with literally no place to go for an indefinate period of time.How can I watch the violence of the value destruction day after day and not be impacted it AND by what happened to my co-worker? Once upon a time….I wanted to be a Secret Service agent once. I wanted to help some people. I knew Bush had to repudiated when I did the tryout in 2006. I would have taken a bullet for Hilary or Obama. I would have taken 10, because power changes hands at the ballot box – NOT at the barrel of a gun. I took the rejection hard, because I had my heart set on it.I got over not making Secret Service by focusing on my desire to help people in markets using my analysis skills……but the fact of the matter is that I can’t help them anymore because people are too shell-shocked to even think straight. The depression and psychological trauma are so acute I’m at a loss of words to describe it.When Eckhart Tolle wrote that the “New Earth” would evolve when old institutions dissolved, I honestly didn’t think he was talking about a meltdown in the entire free market system? As things stand now, all false-prophet has to do is step and stay “spread the wealth around” one more time and the market reaction could be catastophic. My hope is that Obama is as smart as he looks and avoids saying or doing any such thing for some time.In the meantime, the Bagavad Gita give me some hope.The main character had “God” as his chariot driver telling him NOT to be unattached to the unspeakable carnage about to unfold before him. Who knew I would be sort of like that guy one day? Hopefully, God finds me in the practice….more info than you probably needed on the baby blog….sigh, I’m done now.

  5. and when he does, you probably won’t be talking economics. or maybe you will? hahaha. I get it, B. you can always comment about whatever you want here. or email me. or maybe (just maybe?) one day we’ll actually be in the same room again??? Dare I hope?

  6. Correction: It’s supposed to be NOT attached…and if I meet God, we will DEFINATELY not be talking economics…In the meantime, the Bagavad Gita give me some hope.The main character had “God” as his chariot driver telling him NOT to be attached to the unspeakable carnage about to unfold before him. Who knew I would be sort of like that guy one day? Hopefully, God finds me in the practice.

  7. Dear noble 2507, I think it might be good to have a blog of your own to write your feelings. Writing, as I think you know already, can be very therapeutic. There is really not a lot of black and white in this world and each person is affected differently depending on the current politics of the world. No good person wishes harm to others–directly, or indirectly. I wish you and your wife the best. As does Ravyn, I see. Please don’t overwhelm her on the topic of political disagreement. She is a wonderful, loving, overextended, new mom.

  8. Wee! Yes We Can indeed. I’m so proud of Chicago, too. My old home town has delivered again.Obama will be the social-conservative/right’s president, too. His cabinet is shaping up with shadows of Lincoln, and I absolutely love the transparency he’s already introduced into governing with (I’m a bit addicted to browsing and watching the weekly presidential updates and other videos.)I personally think that Goldman-Sachs was allowed to fail for many reasons (one of them being that the former executive of their chief financial rival is one of the minds behind the “bailout”, doh…) but ultimately the responsibility for failure rests in their own dirty, risk-taking hands. It’s not like this happened in a vacuum. Very smart people have been warning about this collapse ever since the bubble started to wax for far too long, and the industry’s lack of honest bookkeeping has bit everyone on Wall and Main street hard, right in the wallet.But now is not the time for fear-mongering and red/socialism baiting. The 50’s are over (srsly, they are. For real.) I find it hard to believe that people even think in those terms anymore, let alone toss them about as if the expiration date on those munitions hadn’t passed long ago.Ah! What I was going to write about originally is: Isn’t it amazing to be raising a baby in the era of Obama? A president who respects the Constitution! A progressive agenda! A USA that doesn’t torture and invent new words to excuse torture and the destruction of Habeus Corpus! I have so much more hope for our country at this moment. During the Bush Era, I had some real doubts about the direction this country, and with it the world, was heading in. Raising a child in a country where torture, illegal extradition, and assassination is OK and the law of the land? Super. Duper. Depressing. With this election I don’t feel like I’m living in the 1st act of some Final Fantasy game, where in the 2nd act you realize you’ve been working for the bad guys and the rebels you’ve been fighting really have the moral highground.Joy! Joy and hope. I’ve been spending some time reading and watching Bobby Kennedy lately. It’s like a Camelot-Redux.

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