i am thankful for

I am so thankful for Faris and Sufyan in my life. My life is better for having them in it, and I can’t imagine life without either of them. I love them so much.

I am thankful for:
Old friends. It’s true what they say about old friends.

Friends. Grateful to those of you who made the transition from Ravyn to Mama Ravyn with me.

My mama friends. I couldn’t have stayed as connected and in touch with the beauty of motherhood without you.

I am particularly grateful that one of you is across the street from me. Your friendship and your mothering insights, the sharing of dinners and walks and chocolate and baby toys and partial sentences that are fully understood is a blessing in my life.

I am grateful that another of you is not even a block away and is about to have her last day at work (10 more days!!!!) and her second baby. Looking forward to all kinds of helping and sharing and walks together. Looking forward to helping you make the transition from mom of 1 to mom of a toddler and a newborn.

And to B’s mom for seeing to it that we were able to be honest about the hard times and the worries and the love. For driving over here to see us. For being a good mom inspiration. For crying with me when Fiver died.

My mom. The kindness you showed us during (she was there!) and after Sufyan’s birth can still be felt in this house. And of course, thank you for giving me life.

My dad, who is always ready to listen. Lord knows I have wanted to talk lately.

Amy, Dan, and Elise. You paved the way.

Meredith for getting me through 3 rounds of mastitis and for her moral support.

Nadia, who reads this blog and sends us love all the time and who we wish we saw more of. She loves Sufyan and she is surely going to be a big influence in his musical education.

Sameh, who will surely be a large part of Sufyan’s visual art and writing education. He always finds a way to be encouraging to the braver though sometimes latent dreams a person has.

Aunt Mil. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways (art, fashion, the grace that can be aging)

Good organic coffee.
coffee and buttered toast.
tea and cream.
Morcheeba’s early albums.
The Beatles.
Organic vegetables.
Shiny things.
David Bowie.
80s Music.
Safe air travel.
Clean feet.
Warm baths.
My bed.
Sufyan’s bed.


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