We spent Thanksgiving with the family of a friend. Lizzie and James have a baby Sufyan’s age, which is such a lucky thing because L and I can compare notes…for better or worse we get to watch each other navigate the waters of motherhood and family creating. Her baby, Elliot, is so much fun and sooooo sweet. Oh, and hansome. He’s pretty much the whole package. He has a great sense of humor and he and Sufyan ruled the dinner scene, making everyone smile and laugh. Babies make everything more “playful”, so it was a fantastic night for us.
Here is a pic of Sufyan, can you tell he was having fun?

And one of Elliot…super into my necklace and not at all shy of this new-ish person in his home. Isn’t he a doll???

The for better or worse of seeing a baby Sufyan’s age can be summed up in a word: comparison.
It is so cool to see how different the boys are, and how each has a skill the other has yet to master (E can clap, S has not yet tried. S can walk, E is working on that one. E can crawl, S– blah blah blah blah BLAH). I am learning (slowly) to just take it in stride. These boys are people, and so they develop at different rates. I know it, but it takes real maturity to remember it when comparison raises interesting observations.


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Ha ha, yes I check both your blog and Liz’s (linked from yours) and see how the little ones are developing, then promptly attempt to determine whether my S is on a similar path. At nearly 5 months, Sam *has* rolled but isn’t rolling, he squeals with delight and makes the occasional laughing noise, but is not exactly laughing… all sorts of things that I compare with the 5-month-old Sufyan. The funny thing is that with this comparison I’m finding I’m not necessarily looking to assess Sam so much as I’m looking to assess my mothering — if Sam is not doing these things yet, what am I not doing as a mom to allow him to develop these skills? I *know* that each of these little ones will develop in their own way on their own time line, but it’s hard not to get caught up in the “mompetition” (as you so aptly referred to it in a previous blog) every once in a while…

  2. Well we already talked about this the other night so I won’t say much. We’re all human and comparison is inevitable. But it’s not necessarily positive or negative–just comparative. I love that our kiddos are so different. It’s lovely to see PEOPLE in our children. Elliot told me yesterday that he wants me to steal your necklace. So I had to go into a whole long lesson about Asteya… He really loves you.

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