The nighttime routine:
(Sufyan is yelling, Faris is working as fast as he can to get a diaper and PJs on him. It’s late, we’re all tired. Faris hands S his favorite toy car for distraction…)
“Want some help?”
“yes, zip him up.”
(S is yelling, turning red)
“ok, done. All done, Sufyan, it’s ok, baby boy…tell us about it…)
“where is his car?”
“I don’t see it. It better not be in this bed or he’ll find it in the middle of the night.”
(S is screaming now)
“Well I don’t know. Shhh Shhh Shhh Sufyan, baby…”
“ok, whatever, let’s get him to bed.”

Flash forward to 3:am and Sufyan’s 5th wake up. As I move to still his kicking leg I feel a strange, rather large, hard plastic lump in the leg of his PJs….
Yes. We are awesome parents. We zipped his 3.5″ long plastic car into his PAJAMAS.
And we wondered why he wasn’t sleeping!


3 thoughts on “vignette

  1. SOOOO cute! I know, I know…these things happen. E and I are SIIIiiiiick. Me with a 103 fever on Sunday. Fighting ear infections. E is doing better than me, but sleep is NOT going to happen…and there is no car zipped in E’s PJ’s. I wish there was, I’d remove it and get some! You are the best parents! And you’ll have that story forever. xoxo

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