Visiting Aunt Mil

So I challenged myself to practice yoga every day during S’s first nap. And so I have, minus about 3 days for reasons of various acceptability. Sometimes I just end up laying on the floor. Because, you know, he doesn’t sleep so when I am practicing it is instead of getting the rest of the sleep I should have gotten at night. But seriously, who can sleep when the baby sleeps?
Sometimes I end up taking pics of my feet after I practice. Not sure why.

I am actually supposed to be practicing right now.
So I am about to go do that, but I want to leave you with these images:
Here is my beloved Aunt Millicent. We still visit her regularly, barring a cold virus or a car that doesn’t start (which has happened twice!)

She always looks so put together. On this day she was wearing a soft beige outfit with deep red cinnabar necklace, earrings, and bracelet (nails and hair freshly done). The necklace and earrings were actually from one of her trips to China (she and her husband have been EVERYWHERE twice) and the bracelet, she told me in a conspiratorial tone, is actually just plastic from the Museum of Modern Art.
*Sheesh. I can’t even be bothered to shower sometimes and I take toothbrush breaks at night when I am too tired, which feels like a mini vacation. So being a mother and the wife of a successful, politically active military man in the 50s was no problem for her. Backwards and in heels. I have seen pictures. She was (and still is) STUNNING. I have seen old gentlemen fawn over her. I have seen them flirt.

Sufyan now takes his portable eating chair and we eat together (albeit quickly) in the dining hall before going upstairs to admire her latest portraits (she is the most talented and prolific 82 yr old I know). S always draws a crowd of old folks who smile and wave and say sweet things to his cherubic little face. I love seeing him see them, and I love seeing their faces light up. In the last 2 times, 2 very old people have said something to me along the lines of, “It just goes so fast. It all goes so fast.” Wow. Try having someone clearly in their late 80s tell you how fast it goes while you look at your baby and you will be socked in the stomach with the fragility, the fleeting and temporary nature of life. And, if you’re like me, you won’t forget it. It hurts good.
Here he is playing in the solarium. He loves Aunt Mil’s walker! It has wheels!

Last but not least, I just wanted to post this funny face he made and I was lucky to catch:


2 thoughts on “Visiting Aunt Mil

  1. Oh–he’s just too cute. You have cute feet too :).Also, he is growing a little neck! Elliot still has none to speak of! I think S is looking so handsome. And I see so much of you in him. Oh, and Aunt Mil IS quite the looker. It’s fabulous that you visit so regularly. Older people have a lot to teach us.

  2. I have been doing my yoga practice after Clair goes to bed. I can’t seem to get myself together in the mornings (I am definitely more like you than your aunt Mil). I think you just wear much of your fabulousness on the inside, thereby canceling out the need to do yourself up every day 🙂 That’s what I tell myself on days like today when I am still wearing my yoga pants and a t-shirt (with stains on it for color) at 5:00 PM – the fabulousness is on the inside!! I also just now managed to put gel in my hideous hair and applied some deodorant. Usually I am a bit better than today, but we all have our moments.

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