Music class and other joys

(plus these PJ pics just because he’s cute)

Sufyan is a toddler. The infancy is over. It’s a bold new world, and it is his job to go out and explore it. I no longer even really hover over him to catch him because he doesn’t fall as often or as hard. He just goes- alone, and looking over his shoulder for me. A satellite child. Growing up.
Here he is climbing stairs alone, after running there ahead of me. This was a new thing for us. I have had to hover and hold his hand up until this very day. These are pictures of his first real outing as a toddler!

(carved stone cows laying under a canopy of oak trees. this is one of the nicest parks we have been to.)

Today we went to music class. Sufyan, who has for the last 2 times in this class been overwhelmed by the noise and chaos (think toddlers with musical instruments and permission to be as boisterous as they want. I get overwhelmed,too) absolutely had a blast! It was as if he has reached a point of comfort with it all and has decided to throw his lot in with the other toddlers and have some fun. He charmed some of the other parents in the class with his little baby boy jokes, too. I tried to catch it on camera (especially for my parents who gifted this wonderful class to Sufyan for Christmas).

There is something to so cute about seeing my little guy’s name on a name tag. Welcome to the human race, baby boy. Here is your name tag.

He LOVES the group leader Vanessa,

and he is so taken with the guitar that when, at the end of class, each kid gets a chance to touch the real guitar with real strings and real noise he often cannot bring himself to do it. He just freezes and blushes at it. Here he is courting the guitar with some classmates.

and here he is getting into one of the songs with movement.

He went around laughing and showing everyone his “how big is baby?” joke…

then he got down in the middle of the carpet in the middle of the class and did his version of down dog (we call it “Upside DOWN!” and it looks a lot more like child’s pose)

then he did it again to those who missed it.

then he fell flat on his face and just lay there. Takin’ a little break. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.

then all the kids (I just typed “babies” instead of “kids” and had to go back and delete it…he is growing up!)get a percussion instrument and free time to play it. He chose a maraca and ran off around the room shakin’ it.

It was a full but excellent day. We love music class. And now I have to go to sleep…wish me luck.


5 thoughts on “Music class and other joys

  1. Those last two blogs were so amazing! What a fantastic article! How validating to see it in writing, what we moms do all day. The responsibility of guiding little ones lives. Keeping safe, aiding learning. Food. You name it.Music class looks thrilling! Can’t wait for our time! Sufyan is just perfect! Oh–and we have the SAME EXACT dino PJs! xo-L

  2. Wow, he’s such a little charmer! I love it! You’re photos totally capture the fun. I noticed Staci Gray is in your class- she’s an awesome children’s performer if you don’t know her. We need to go to one of her shows together some time!

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