I highly recommend having one.

Today was one of those days when everything between my baby and me goes beautifully and we have fun together all day. (this after a rough start wherein he was up from 4am-6am and when we all got up at 6:45am we found the refrigerator was broken). We laughed and played a lot. We ate lunch at Whole Foods together where we chatted about the lights, and the fish tank, and his black beans. Then we went to a park where they take incredible care of the grass and it is soft and springy even now when most TX lawns are sharp and scrubby. Seriously, Sufyan got a splinter from my lawn yesterday. The park’s grass is cool, feathery, and dense. And there is a fountain, and big cow statues to sit on. AND SHADE!!!! You would be amazed how little shade is planned into most kids playgrounds in TEXAS where the SUN BEATS DOWN 9 MONTHS OUT OF THE YEAR.
But today, though hot, was beautiful. Here is our park time in pictures:

Hello. I am super cute.

huh. I guess the risk is that Sufyan will be so cute someone will want to eat him.

Thorough study reveals that this is grass and it is for eating.

Are you takin’ a picture Mama? Ok, let me get my super cuteness on.

Cows here I come! Wavin’ my arms and runnin’ as fast as I can! (doesn’t it look like there is a trail in the grass behind him because he ran so fast? hahaha)

Did I mention that Sufyan is so cute?


5 thoughts on “I highly recommend having one.

  1. Wow, what a great day with such a CUTE baby! These photos make me want to run over there and give S a big squeeze! 🙂 You are so right about the hot, dusty playgrounds here. Lucas and I will definitely have to head up to the arboretum sometime.

  2. yes indeed, epitome of cuteness!i must say, though you talk about sun beating down on you 9 mos out of the year as a bad thing, i’m a little envious of you folks being able to play OUTSIDE with your little ones! i think about that sometimes; i wonder how spending your first number of months exclusively inside because of cold miserable weather affects development….hmmmmm

  3. I totally see the trail in the grass behind him! It made me instantly imagine a little animation of him running at top speed towards the cows. I bet I’m not too far off the mark though 🙂 He’s super cute, especially with that hat on!

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