2 nights ago we walked to a nearby field and ate a dinner I made and packed up for us.
There is a kid friendly fountain there that you can turn on by pushing a button and the water comes right out of the bricks on the ground. So kids can stand directly in the spray. So SUFYAN can stand directly in the spray. It was a beautiful warm evening, the birds were almost so loud you had to yell over them, people were lounging or walking dogs all around us, and I had my 2 favorite people in the whole world with me. I love my life. Here are a few pics from that fountain:

S is thrilled to be there. He’s saying “MAMA! WATER!!! Let’s Go!”

The water comes out right here…

…and lands on this very excited toddler!

Not ready to pack up yet, Baba. Let’s go check out…whatever is this way!

And sometimes the best toy isn’t a toy at all. Most times, really. Here S is studying very intently the baby monitor.

And then he makes it beep, which is pretty thrilling.

And then he makes it beep over and over, which is so fun!!!! (this is one of my favorite smiles, I was so lucky to catch it)

and I could not resist the picture of our feet as he snuggled in my lap. I remember those feet pushing up under my ribs, and tickling me so much I would jump up from a deep(ish) sleep, my hand flying to my abdomen, a big grin on my face to feel my boy. I am so happy he’s here.


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