Little Man, Big Adventures

I sometimes can’t resist just putting up photos of S doing things S does every day.
Nothing extraordinary, just growing up and being the love of my life.

He is learning about brushing his teeth.

We took a wrong turn and ended up finding this amazing park and playscape. We spent 2 hours there and met Baba for lunch. S is walking so well he is like a miniature man. In a bonnet.

At this park there was a strange plastic bridge in the shape of a fish and inside was a spine meant to be climbed on. It was a little creepy, but S was not afraid to conquer the fish bridge!

My little scientist is entertained for long periods of time by turning this tap light on and off and on…


2 thoughts on “Little Man, Big Adventures

  1. oh I love the ordinary moments! The toothbrushing with Baba is SO cute. This really is such a sweet and wonderful age. I miss little S just looking at these photos and I just saw him, what? yesterday? 🙂

  2. All of these “ordinary moments” are anything but ordinary! He is learning so much at this age that he will scaffold all of his future learning upon. Such an exciting time for all of you – Yay~!

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