the last time I knew all the answers

Mommy frustration brought on by the shift from 2 naps to 1. It’s really challenging.

Good: Nap lengthening means I get more time “off”. I can eat, go to the bathroom, do yoga, and prep lunch for S.

Not so much: The switch is arduous. His internal nap timer needs to be reset to the new length. Many days now I get called in for a nurse-down and it lasts 30-45 minutes or more, complete with freak outs if I try to leave any sooner. I get sore and a little raw. Insult to injury, 90% of the time he wakes up anyway after this marathon of nursing.

Well, this seems to be a hot button for me. My blood pressure goes up as I lay there uncomfortably nursing him for nearly an hour and calming his screams whenever I try to sneak out. GO TO SLEEP, BABY.
I often am in the middle of making myself something to eat, am hungry, and as I mentioned uncomfortable laying on my side to nurse (bursitis in my hip and other things in my shoulders). I struggle with my emotions at these times. ARRRRRGGGGG!!!! I want to scream!!!!! LET ME GO! I MUST EAT!!! I MUST PEE!

but, of course, he needs me. We are at a crux. His brain is buzzing all the time with newness and brightness and experiments and laughter. And let me not forget he is TEETHING. Poor little man.

So, what is nursing a toddler like so far? Awesome when it doesn’t involve this struggle. He plops down in my lap and makes the sign for nursing. He smiles and giggles and plays as we nurse. He connects, and I welcome him with open arms. All to soon he won’t need me for this anymore.


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