these days

Sufyan just turned 14 months old! This brilliant little being is now more boy than baby, and I am beginning to earn my mom wisdom. It comes little by little, one moment at a time.
Today I did 2 things I learned from: I took S on a walk wherein he actually walked by my side AND
we built a fort out of pillows and a blanket.
The walk:
I packed a bag with food and water and we headed out toward my favorite coffee shop with about 2 hours until nap time.
Goal: to be in no big hurry but keep it to 2 hours. To let Sufyan explore. To eat “second breakfast” at the coffee shop with a great cup of coffee for mom.
Experience: He loved it (mostly). He was so pleased to get down onto the sidewalk. He loved to be free to pick up rocks at his leisure and to stop and check out the stand of bamboo we pass everyday. To turn, point, and wave at every big loud truck that passed us. He didn’t mind holding my hand—at first.
And then, suddenly, it clicked. Holding Mama’s hand means I can’t just go just anywhere I want! noooooooooo!
The flaw: I didn’t see the hand holding and walking along a sidewalk beside an active street as the drawback it actually was for him.
Result: A lot of nice moments exploring together. Also, 3 meltdowns all revolving on having to hold my hand. He, afterall, will dart out into the street if he sees some reason to do so (like a cool big truck. or an awesome rock. or a puddle. a dog. a cat. a leaf. bird poo. you get my point.)
What I learned: we have to do this more often for him to get the idea about holding my hand. If I really want him to explore, I have to have no goal to go anywhere at all, not even “just to the coffee shop”, and be willing to only get 1 block away in 2 hours.
We did make it there after a while, and he had a nice snack

and we ran into Jenna (whom he loves). We made it back just in time for the nap. Overall a great morning, and a great learning experience.

The pillow fort:
While he napped I made a plan for a fort from some pillows and a chair and a blanket. He has been into little spaces that just barely fit him, and I had a hunch he would like a little special nook just for him. When he woke, we built it together (actually I built it and he watched).
Goal: To give S something new to do. To recreate something I loved as a kid. To give him some private space.
Experience: At first he just thought I put some things in his way. Then I got in it with him, and put some toys in there.

He suddenly got the idea, and then I put some pots and pans in with him and BAM! a new favorite game was born. He sat in it and played with pans and pots and spoons and fed me imaginary soup which we both chewed and said “mmmmm” over.

So fun. He was absorbed in play in the fort for long enough without me that I could make us lunch. Of course, I also played a lot with him because that was fun too.
Flaw: none. it rocked.
Result: the fort is still standing, waiting for another play date tomorrow!
What I learned: building forts is still a blast. No need to buy a special play tent or anything.

And we topped our day off with music class:

Here at the window is where S often prefers to be when the action gets a bit chaotic in class
but he still likes to run around and join in, too. Here he is running around as we all dance around the room in a line pretending to be choo choo trains…
that’s my little man way off in the distance! happy 14 months baby boy!


3 thoughts on “these days

  1. blanket forts are the best! VERY soon, dad will need to build a TREE fort! i absolutely love that you give him the time he needs to explore the world, you rock!

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