not enough time

life has been go go go.
toddlerhood has begun.

the other day we went to get a car seat inspection. we were the first appointment at this clinic being held in a parking lot and hosted by local EMS. So as the only toddler there, S got the royal treatment by mr. friendly EMS driver.

Dear Friendly EMS Driver,
Thank you for making this hour long car seat check actually fun for my son. Thank you for helping us postpone a meltdown. Thank you for letting S sit in your ambulance!!!
You made his day!

“don’t bother. I got this, dude.”

“now if I could just reach the pedals we’re outta’ here…”

summer has already begun here in Tejas. We have muggy, 90+ degree days where I just stare at myself in the mirror, bedraggled and sweating already at 7:am, and think, “ok. it’s hot, blazing sun, muggy…if i can slather him in sunscreen and bug spray and put his hat on him and get him out the door by 8:am, we can enjoy last 30 minutes of descent weather all day.”
and by 3:pm we are usually doing this (which is fun, actually):

“watch out, Sufyan it looks like you are about to pour cold water on your own head…”

“hey, the cold water got on my head mama!!!”

“but there’s my friend Lucas! things aren’t so bad, afterall…”

And mama’s friend Jenna, who is also a hard working mom, wiping her brow at the end of a long, hot, toddler-rama day.


2 thoughts on “not enough time

  1. How we in Northern Michigan are still wishing for the dog days of summer! I’ve had to cover all of my plants for a couple of weeks now because of the frost/freeze warnings, it’s only been 63 degrees MAX on the warmest day, and today is a very windy 49 degrees 😦 Of course by the time we get 90 degrees, summer will be nearly over LOL Glad to see S making the best of every situation! *hugs*

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