sun shines through the rain

to everyone who took a moment to call or leave a comment or send an email, thank you so very much! thanks for the support, the love, and the enthusiastic support for the new adventure!

Here is our pregnancy update:
I went to my OB yesterday after having more spotting and symptoms of nausea that included being cold all over and having chills, cold sweats, hot flashes, etc…it just seemed weird. So they worked me into their schedule as an emergency visit. The doc came in and half jokingly said, “We don’t do this for everyone (referring to the internal ultrasound she was going to do) But your story sounded believable….” I was just so grateful they were breaking out the big guns for me because I was feeling confused by my symptoms. I needed some kind of answer.
And here it is:

(ok, what you see here is on the upper left side a black oval. in the black oval on the bottom right is a little bean-shaped baby)
there was a little beating heart! I got to see the little heart beating and hear it, too! AMAZING. I almost broke into tears of relief.
So I am 6 weeks pregnant. And the baby is doing great so far and we will keep our fingers crossed until we are out of the woods at 13 weeks or so. And the doc gave me some nausea medication to try along with vitamin B6.

Went to see my Acupuncturist for nausea, too. And I have to say, it was like a miracle. I actually got through last night with minimal nausea and was able to help out around the house when normally I would be in a ball on the couch begging for mercy.
I highly recommend trying it if you are suffering from morning sickness.

Sufyan update:
my little man is doing sooooo much right now. He is trying new sounds, syllables, and signs. He is always on the go, he just never sits still unless its for reading a book. He continues to amaze me and amuse me. And challenge me, as a toddler is supposed to do.
Playing peek a boo:

Sitting outside on his blanket for snack time (funny little man):

And I just had to include this. This is a scene from a local thrift shop on sale day. Moms just ditched kids in the toys and this chaos ensued. Toys were literally falling off the shelves and nearly hitting kids as I stood there. Kids were running and screaming and throwing things…I just had to snap a photo:


6 thoughts on “sun shines through the rain

  1. Congratulations, Ravyn! I just read your posts and was going to suggest acupuncture too! I am 3 months pregnant and finally coming through the terrible part myself (pretty much exactly like you described!) Regular acupuncture was what has saved me these past few months.WOW! YAY!!!

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